Sunday, January 27, 2013

The good feeling of not procrastinating

I own my own business in addition to being a part-time dental hygienist. The great thing about dental hygiene is that you don't take any work home. The bad thing for me is that it ruins my hands that I like to use for fun art projects. 
My least favorite part of business ownership is bookkeeping. UGH. Math is my worst subject and I get no pleasure out of balancing and comparing figures at all. Did I make enough to do it another year? Great-that's all I need to know.
But, my CPA insists on bookkeeping and not anything simple. She wants double entry blah blah blah.
So I do it. Every year I put it off until I can't live with myself anymore because the 4/15 deadline is looming large.

I start off the year well enough- folders, stuff appropriately put in folder but at the end of the year it looks like the above photo. All the stuff in the front is receipts that are not in the proper folder. 
UGH again.
I also pay a lot of business expenses with my personal main credit card which sometimes I pay off with my personal checking and sometimes with my business checking. So that requires separating everything out at the end of the year.  I should have one credit card for business and one for me. But, of course not.
This year I decided to start early, rewarded myself with a latte and went to Day's Coffee shop with computer and file folders in hand. I organized and balanced my checkbook, went through all of the credit card statements and separated business from other and then sat down yesterday and did all the double entry bookkeeping starting with March- I had the good sense to keep up a little at the beginning of 2012.
Today- I'm done. Everything is ready for the CPA except for two items that haven't arrived yet.
I'm going on a trip next week, leaving Jim in charge here and I go with a sense of peace knowing that task is behind me.
Living in the here and now and happy for not procrastinating!

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  1. I can appreciate your situation. So glad you got it done ahead of time. I've got a messing folder waiting for me to enter my personal expenses, so we can develop a better working budget. I've got three months worth waiting for me and a stuffed folder. Yuck.