Friday, February 15, 2013


Now is Lent! I've been visioning on the Worship Committee at church for this season and have had the best time. Like teaching- I'm getting the most out of it I'm sure!
I've found great ideas for kids and adults and adapted them for my personal use and for use at church.
First let me say that being on a worship committee had me a bit intimidated- awesome task to feel responsible in any way for others' worship experience. But, I was reassured when in our first meeting our focus began by remembering who we were planning for- the congregation- and calling them by name. I'd say we remembered just about every single one- now let me say, it is a small church.  But that was powerful and I knew all would be well.

So here are a few of the things we have on tap! Oh, and I should tell you I come prepared with lots of visual aids to meetings so: the first thing I brought was this photo I saw on Pinterest! I just loved it and it summed up what Lent was to me this year.

So we are using burlap up the aisle and also down the front wall flowing onto a table with rocks.
Our theme is different aspects of Journeying in the Wilderness.
We are also doing a Wilderness Packet with several items, which will be added to each week or mostly each week with more the first week:
A small square of burlap for texture and reflection, a smooth stone, a finger labyrinth (above)-also adapted from the internet which I think may be our bulletin cover, some questions to ponder -this week's are :When have you been invited into the "desert"? What one thing would you like to take with you? What surprise would you hope to find there?, and a Lenten path to follow, one for adults that I hope they will journal, color, or do something with besides x off and one for kids also adapted from the internet. The one on the internet only had 40 days and didn't count Sunday on the calendar. That just didn't make sense to me so I had to redo it with the 46 days and one for Easter! There will be some poetry, and I got little peat pots and seed tape. Ooo I'm excited already!

Kid Version

For the adults

I'm so excited about Lent and think that doing these things is accomplishing my goal of getting closer to God in a way different from what I envisioned but successfully none the less.
Enjoying Lent NOW.
I'll update you on my rocky path journaling soon.
Hope you are enjoying the moment.

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