Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here and Now

I'm enjoying my word this year! Really, is there anything better than now?  It's what it's all about. I used to wallow in the past and hang everything on hopes for the future. Maybe it's a sign of maturity?  There ought to be something fabulous about getting older. My cracking bones certainly can't be it-ha!
I've been having great fun being involved in church in a meaningful way again. I was just attending for quite some time at my previous church and I didn't even know how much I missed it!
I've been doing a take home for the congregation each week of lent and also sharing those with the women I meet with on Wednesday mornings for prayer and breakfast. This week's is a set of beads to use as prompts for prayer this week. I printed a poem and prompts and they can choose a set of beads. The group of beads is beautiful (thanks Sue for the beads- I used all of the ones with larger holes).
Just an FYI- spilling a Christmas tin full of beads of all sizes is a lot like finding pine needles endlessly after Christmas.....
Are you being fully present in the now? Even when it's painful it makes for meaningful living. On not so good days I try to be fully present in the not so good so I can let it go when the good moments come along. Let it filter in and feel all of it, then you can place it somewhere for safe keeping. Maybe hand it over to God- that's what I'm learning to do in the wilderness of Lent.
I'll leave you with the take away for church tomorrow and some pictures from the new walkway at the Big Four Bridge I spent time on today.