Friday, August 6, 2010

Passing it on

I always admired my mother's wedding ring. I thought it was just lovely. Simple design and flat. I don't like rings with a lot of prongs that stand up. Wearing gloves to work the better part of my life, they have never appealed to me at all. I like rings that you can wear every day. I occasionally think to put one one for just the day, but not often.
So, for a ring with diamonds, or any stone, really, it was my favorite. I've said forever that it was the only piece of her jewelry I ever wanted, and she has some lovely things.
She took it off when she had her shoulder surgery last year and knew it wouldn't go back on unless she had it resized which she didn't want to do because of the hand inscription inside it. So, in a drawer it has been. Until now.
 It is now mine. I am so pleased to have it, a lovely reminder of my parents. I look at it over and over again.
I hope my mother enjoys seeing it on a different finger in the days to come.
Mindful of how lovely it is to get a family treasure while the original owner is still here to share it with.
Thanks, Mom.