Friday, December 31, 2010

New year, a new word

For last year's words belong to last year's language. And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.
T.S. Eliot 

Love a new year, it gives one reason to reflect, review, anticipate... So it is again. I decided that the word that best summed up the desire of my heart was serenity.
I want to streamline my possessions. I want to take more time for inner exploration which may leave less for more visible pursuits, but maybe not.
Let's see what a year in pursuit of serenity looks like and where it leads.
What's your word? Where are you wanting to go?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end of a mindful year

I think mindful was a good word for 2010. I've had plenty to be mindful of and I do think it has helped me accomplish what I hoped and that was to be more aware of my life and not let it pass me by. I realize a difference in my perception of time as I get older. It goes by a lot faster now and before I know it another year passes so fast it was a blur. So, my goal was to just soak it in a little more. Not to be a member of the human race who was literally-racing.
It is a hard thing for me because I love doing and trying new things, new recipes, new crafts, new challenges, new work. It is stimulating...... and exhausting at the same time.
So, I was more mindful even though it still sped at a pretty good clip, mindful that a few themes like, love, gratitude, justice came up over and over again.
But, mostly it was all about the love.

Thanks for journeying with me!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gratitude and it is almost Christmas!

(I started this on Thanksgiving!)
I probably need to do this daily, (the writing part) so I thought it would be time well spent to actually write down some of the many thing for which I give thanks. I've been in a bit of a ditch lately and I know from experience the best way out is gratitude. So in an order not reflective of importance but more one reflective of my current state of mind, here goes:

I am grateful for:
good health and realize a lot of that depends on me-that said after a week of indulgent eating and a definite need to get off the food train and on the exercise wagon to feel good and to feel ready for the food fests that are ahead this next month. Food is a great pleasure in life for me- I love the way it taste, I love to buy it, look at it, talk to the people who grow it, which brings me to more on my list

my husband, who is the primary cook of the food I enjoy.  I could and may list him many time for many reasons, but while we are on the subject of food, I am grateful for every day I don't have to think of what to cook, shop for it in a grocery store, or prepare it.  He is my safe place to be and I love him for it. I hope he finds having a housekeeper a fair exchange and equally rewarding. And speaking of rewarding

my work, I am so lucky to enjoy the work that I do. I have to say most days are wonderful at work, whether I am seeing patients, some of whom I have know for more than 30 years, or, as one friend said about owning my own business, "living the American Dream". Each year my little business has grown and while it was one of the scariest things I ever did, it has been one of the most rewarding. My clients have encouraged, affirmed and referred new people to me to grow this dream. I thank them so much. On to more thankfulness

I'm thankful to have had the joy and sorrow, bliss and despair, and so many other emotions that come with being a parent. I wish I could remember each moment and hold it in my hand and look at it from many angles. When was the last day I picked my child up and put them on my hip? They outgrew it without the noting of the day. When was the last bath I gave or story I read in bed to them? Each child, in their own way, has owned a part of me that no other does, a love all their own. I hope they know that above all else.

I'm thankful for a renewed relationship with my younger sister. We weren't particularly close and I almost missed out on this really terrific relationship. I hope we have many years ahead.

I'm grateful to be a grandmother, such a special thing.  I've gained wisdom over the years that hopefully my grandchildren benefit from that my kids missed out on.  Don't have to be a disciplinarian, just a gentle guide and creator of fun, example (and any inconsistencies will be pointed out), cookie making, movie watching, nature exploring, so much to do-so little time!  I try to do NO chores and play, play, play-the luxury of a grandmother.

I'm grateful for friends, what on earth would we do without them? The family we get to choose!

So much more to say but if I don't end, there won't be time for Christmas mindfulness! And then there is the new word of the year for 2011.... what will it be?