Saturday, May 29, 2010

Graduation Day

How can 5 years have gone by?  I know I'll be saying the same in another 13 after high school graduation, too. As much as I try to savor every minute, they mount up so fast. Pre-K graduation, caps and gowns, seems so grown up! He was pretty excited about it all, though. The coolest thing to me was that the teacher had put together two small photo albums of pictures throughout the year for the parents. Sweet.
Mindful today that it all goes by way to fast even when you ARE stopping to smell the roses.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Loving where I live

I remind myself often of how happy I am to live where I live. Louisville is a great city. Small enough to avoid endless commutes and big enough for great cultural events, museums, concerts, farmers markets, not to mention home to the Kentucky Derby, or The Derby as we locals like to refer to it. Derby Festival time is always when I remember my love of Louisville-so much going on. And spring is truly spectacular here with flowering trees, shrubs and flowers.
My only grandchild lives here, too, which really makes it my number one happy reason to live here. You can always read about him on my other blog. I'm so lucky to be his "Jams".
I dearly love my house and neighborhood. I live within walking distance of some of the best restaurants I've eaten in anywhere in the world and I do love food. It really does make me smile every time I pull in the driveway to my home. I just think it is charming. I didn't choose it, Jim did-before we married. So, I don't have a problem bragging on it. The flower boxes, changing the color of the shutters, the spectacular daylilies in July, the added fence down the left side, curving sidewalk down the side and the pond, deck and brick patio and flowers. I am just the luckiest.
I also have a great job that I love, also by luck. I had no idea what to do when I got out of high school, a year early at that. My mom suggested dental hygiene-she had started in the first class at U of L but didn't finish. Always a need for them- wherever you go, and the patients you see are, for the most part, healthy. I was lucky it was perfect. Little completed tasks all day long, a lot of autonomy. Perfect for my personality. Then when I started my business Educare, which was scary as can be, it was perfect for me, too. I was talked into it by a friend who had been doing the same thing but was taking a different job. She sold me her client list and pointed me to places of certification and voila! I didn't really think about it until my friend Ed Huckleberry said "Wow, you are living the American Dream" that I really was by working for myself part-time.
And then there's Jim who shares it with me. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Who needs a winner on Derby Day? I feel like a winner every day. Great city, great kids and grandson, great husband, cool neighborhood, cozy home, good food and a great job.
Mindful of how good life is for me, wishing everyone had it so good.