Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end of a mindful year

I think mindful was a good word for 2010. I've had plenty to be mindful of and I do think it has helped me accomplish what I hoped and that was to be more aware of my life and not let it pass me by. I realize a difference in my perception of time as I get older. It goes by a lot faster now and before I know it another year passes so fast it was a blur. So, my goal was to just soak it in a little more. Not to be a member of the human race who was literally-racing.
It is a hard thing for me because I love doing and trying new things, new recipes, new crafts, new challenges, new work. It is stimulating...... and exhausting at the same time.
So, I was more mindful even though it still sped at a pretty good clip, mindful that a few themes like, love, gratitude, justice came up over and over again.
But, mostly it was all about the love.

Thanks for journeying with me!

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