Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's going on now..

It's time to put away Christmas, well, the decorations, food, and visitors, anyway.

Dropped my sweet daughter at the airport so she could do some homework while waiting for her flight and I was grateful to have church to go to as a distraction. Missed her the moment I pulled away.
My stamp I carved for Advent was on the bulletin again at church. I was sad for a moment that I wouldn't be carving on it weekly anymore but excited to what Lent will bring in a few weeks.

I spent the afternoon dealing with a stack of Christmas items that was piled on the little table my dad had as a child where the Fisher Price Nativity set lived during the holidays.
Christmas plates I bought at Target in 1996 and have used every Christmas morning since-tucked under the stairs. Tree- in the garage. Wrapping paper, ribbon and bows tidy in a box. Tomorrow the rest of the sweets will go to work for co-workers to have or throw away.
I'm enjoying clean surfaces, a tidier kitchen, a healthier refrigerator, but also appreciating the photos and  sweet memories of a busy, fun Christmas season.

Living in the moment and loving it. Realizing that now is always a little of the past and the hope of the future, too.

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