Friday, January 11, 2013

Love getting things done

The beginning of the year brings thoughts of business, record keeping, taxes and the like. I'm Miss Organization in January and by April I wonder where she went!
So, true to my nature I'm at it making sure clients have scheduled training, I have accurate records of that schedule, reminding ones who need a nudge and staring at the mountain of receipts that need to be organized to attempt my bookkeeping for 2012.
My accountant- yes, I need one even with my tiny business- was in my office for other purposes yesterday. I stuck my head out of my operatory and said "My books will be ready in a couple of days!"
To which she responded "Really?" "Nope, of course not!" was my reply. But, she actually thought I might have turned over a new leaf! That's encouraging to both of us as I'm an April 1st-get my books to the accountant -kind of girl. Maybe this will be the year I can follow through. It would certainly make my Januaries so much merrier to sit down monthly and do bookkeeping. Can  you tell I really don't like that aspect of being a business owner?
So today, because I promised myself I would, I'm spending the best part of the day inside at my desk with a mountain of paperwork, a good cup of coffee- (have you had a Miele?- latte with honey and cinnamon) and even on a record breaking warm day, doing what I need to be doing,
feeding my sense of mental well-being. I've been doing a lot of that lately.

Work scheduled already for this year!

The incredible mess of receipts.
Okay, the commercial break is over.....


  1. There are some people who feel whipped the moment they look upon those files and receipts heaped-up on top of their table. Are you one of them? If that so, then you must've been very grateful to your accountant as she made life easier for you. She helped you get those dreaded things out of your head!

    Cory Saba @ Integrated Accounting

  2. “…My accountant- yes, I need one even with my tiny business” – This is great! In my opinion, no matter the size of a business, an accountant is always convenient to have. It helps you to be organized and ensures you pass your books on time. It’s nice that you sit back just to get things done. Bookkeeping really needs a lot of professional attention to make sure everything is done properly, as a single error that can change the entire record is crucial.

    Angel @ Perfect Accounting Service

  3. “The beginning of the year brings thoughts of business, record keeping, taxes and the like.” – Way to start your year, right? At least, it’s in your nature to be organized, which should make this grueling task a little easier. Hope you did your job perfectly! Elias Brasel @ On Core Bookeeping Services