Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's the little things

This is an update on my Loose Change the World endeavors and spreading some love with my free printables from Kind Over Matter.
I put together some things to carry in my purse. It is a challenge to do this unobserved. I left a card at the bank Friday and the card and change in the change holder at the grocery today. It was fun! How about you, spread any love lately? Mindful of the fun of giving things away and brightening someone's day with a surprise.


  1. I've had some fun with mine too! So far, I've done it all in the building I work in. Given the nature of my building- a busy building of health clinics, mostly indigent care- I know that a kind word and a little bit of change is bound to be welcome. I've found a number of fun places to leave them. It's fun, isn't it?!

  2. It was fun to enlarge the photos and read all your kind words. With my luck, if someone saw me put something in the change holder and taking a picture of it, the police would have been called.

    Where did the little envelopes come from? I hope to do this with Phillip. I'll let you know when and where.


  3. Donna- the thought crossed my mind that the store surveillance was keeping an eye on this suspicious acting woman! I got the envelopes many years ago and have used them in scrapbooks. I have a stash of stuff like you wouldn't believe!
    Sue- I be you do find some great things to do with your change. I need to leave some in the phone booth across from my office- a lot of folks use it!