Sunday, February 21, 2010


Birthdays are fun! I had a blast celebrating mine, two sons' and grandson's yesterday. The really great thing is that I truly feel everyone had FUN! Family events, at least with my family, can be touch and go. Kindness and courtesy always-but, I think fun was the word of the day. They not only dutifully participated in craft-making but would have done even more of it if I'd bought more supplies! Who'd have guessed? Ezra was the main do-it-yourself tye dye cupcake decorator and did two! He only ate the top half of the second. I love his mismatched socks. You can't go wrong with some chalkboard fabric for a tablecloth, some gel icing and white iced cupcakes, a little polymer clay and some chili.
Mindful of how important fun is-I tend to take life a little seriously. I can't wait for the next birthday!

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  1. I'm so glad. Family fun is the best kind of fun.

    I love the chalkboard fabric idea.