Friday, February 5, 2010

Down to the River to Pray

It was an emotional day for the Knopfs, friends and family yesterday as we said a formal goodbye to Bill. As with all families there are some strained relationships that are forced to cross paths at times like these. Awkward moments and rehashing of "should I have said or should I have done" add to the emotion, too.
I was very proud of my children for having the desire to sing and the incredible courage in the midst of their grief to stand up in front of a couple of hundred people to do something for their relatives and to honor the memory of their grandfather.
I am mindful of the incredible power of love today and my heart overflows with it for them.


  1. Soooooooooo beautiful! Of course, I'm sitting her crying my eyes out- crying at the beauty of it, and at the tenderness of it, and at the sadness for three such sweet young people to bear. Thanks for sharing it Beth.

  2. Sue, the young man in the uniform is their younger brother, Van, who Amy hadn't seen for 8 years. Sitting next to him is their father.

  3. Beth, I've been waiting for the sound on my computer to be fixed so I could listen to this. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had children this talented and kind-hearted? I remember hearing Amy sing at Gretchen's wedding...the voice of an angel.

    I wondered about the young man in uniform.