Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's All About the Love

I can remember when our current pastor came all of the video and info about him and his ministry contained a theme that I held as true. I would look at my two good friends and at the end of any meeting or conversation regarding his pastorship and we would say aloud to each other and smile-"It's all about the Love". And, it is really. Whenever I think of what I'll leave this world and those in it, it all comes down to that-Love. It is the part that stays.
I reminded my daughter of that as she cried over leaving her grandfather for what will most very likely be the last time. His love for her, which has partly made her who she is and who she will be to others, will still be floating around the earth long after he is gone through those he loved. And while she always thought he would know her children and they-him, in a way they will through her. He has been her father figure-dependable, strong, challenging, accepting, safe and wise. He has been the longest, older male relationship she has had in this family full of women. She has only aunts and only one uncle by marriage that she has been close to and he has always lived out of town.
And, too, my friend Sue's blog also brought this to mind today. So, I have decided to make regular post on this blog about loose change and what I am doing with it to spread love and hope on a regular basis. You can read about one woman's mission here-
Loose change the world
Mindful of love today.
Wanna spread some?


  1. My daughter-in-law's father died 8 months before Phillip was born, but we have kept the memory of Chico alive for Phillip with photos and stories.....oh, the stories! His Grandpa Chico is weaved into many of his conversations. Amy can do the same with her children some day. This was a very tender, sweet post.


  2. What a gift you gave Amy as she left. She will remember it often I'm sure.
    I had fun loose changing today! In a busy medical facility such as I work in, I KNOW there are folks who need some spare change. I like imagining where those quarters and dimes are tonight....