Friday, September 9, 2011

Still cloudy but I found a ray of sunshine

a peaceful descent
 in cleaning out that mind cluttering basement.  9 1/2 hours, 5 bags of trash, a carload-and I do mean load of stuff to Goodwill, and a large plastic tote of things to try to sell or give to someone I know, and a big pile for the recyclers has left me with a basement that is at least somewhat organized, maneuverable and really has given me a little serenity for this no-work Friday. I'm going to do some art, cooking and reading. I already went to Day's for my celebration latte by Chris who makes me a pretty design and a latte that taste like a toasted marshmallow. Super good. Oh, and because I couldn't go to the bank without walking pass Kizito I was rewarded a hard to come by unless requested Apple Ginger Muffin. Ah, the little rewards in life.
Ironically, I read this post today which reminded me, I really need less stuff and then I wouldn't need to reorganize. So true.
Here are the before and after pics of basement. Keep reminding me I need less stuff.....

a right at the end of the stairs

view at bottom of stairs
This was by the door to garage

after toward garage door

path to closet

That area at the foot of stairs now

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  1. OMG...we've been procrastinating on cleaning our basement and have decided to wait until winter. We did it a few years ago and I also took pictures. My husband is the neat one, me...not so much. I take things off the shelves and never return them to the right spot.

    Fun post. Please pass the latte.