Friday, July 2, 2010


The Sketchbook Project: 2011
This is my 20th post, so I'm not averaging one a week, but still feel overall more mindful. That was my plan.
I'm excited about participating in The Sketchbook Project. I like creating and give a lot of art away, but I usually get art in return, this time-not so much. My little sketch book, who's theme is "This is not a sketchbook" will be traveling around the country, oh, and I just this minute realized it will be in Seattle! Hummm, wouldn't it be fun to see it with Amy and Rachel at Form/Space Atelier?
I also considered the themes; "in flight" and "and then there was none". What theme would have caught your eye?
I wonder what muse will come my way for this little project? I can't wait.
Mindful that creating anything from the blankness of a white page is truly awesome and of the fact that everyone is an artist and creator in some way.
I bet there is a little piece of blankness somewhere just waiting for your offering, maybe an empty bowl that needs your wonderful food, a patch of dirt just waiting to become a garden, a house just waiting to become a home.


  1. I actually eyed that little project myself and thought it sounded wonderful. And I even liked your theme best!

  2. Oh, I wish you would do it , too, and Cindy!